Gardening for Stress Relief the Right Way

I guess most of us have heard, at least those of you reading this, that gardening is a great way to get some fresh air and reduce stress.

And what better that to experience the outdoors, getting some good activity and reducing the effects of stress at the same time.

But, some people become high-strung about having a garden. For example I know some of our friends who planted more than is reasonable for them to take care of. When gardening becomes more of a duty and stressful, it stops to be helpful for you, and your family.

Create a garden haven that can bring peace and calmness to your life

So don’t bite off more than you can chew. Plan your garden carefully, don’t just start tossing it full of nice plants and flowers.

Actually, laboratory research shows that certain plants that have been used as medicine for decades are effective cures for common illnesses and support healthy life. If you want to begin growing your own ‘health revolution’, here are some examples of plants that you can use for stress relief, like Chamomille and Valerian.

What you want from the garden

If you haven’t been gardening before, think first what you want from the garden. Is it just stress relief, or something else? For example, if you start a vegetable garden, you can have other benefits from your garden besides just stress relief.

A flower garden has other benefits by providing beauty and a place of peace out. Water features are great enhancements to gardens and provide relaxing water sounds. Containers or raised beds can be a good option and normally much easier to maintain.

What can better relieve stress on a daily basis than a nice place to relax? You can also enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

Half hour of gardening can reduce stress

And as recent study revealed, half hour of gardening activities can reduce stress more than the same amount of time spent reading. And my favourite is to sit in the garden and read after that half an hor work!

Remember to begin small, if your plans are to start gardening as a means to relax. Gardening isn’t for everyone, so if you discover you don’t like it, you can try something else.

Don’t be hindered by failures

Don’t be hindered if you have a few frustrations at first. You can avoid some potential failures by seeking help from your local gardening store. Also, be sure to buy plants that will grow well in your area. Think about the amount of money and the time you want to devote to your new found hobby.

You can create a garden in any place you have. A sill of your window can work if planned accurately. You can also go for unusual methods of gardening such as hydroponic or raised bed rather than the typical traditional garden space.

Getting the family involved if desirable. Anything that gets you and the family away from the television or gaming and lets you enjoy the outdoors together is beneficial.

Creating an outdoor oasis free from stress

Reason behind many illnesses and health conditions is stress. Headaches, high blood pressure, stomach upset and more might be a cause of it.

While medicines can offer some relief, that is only temporary. For a long term favorable way to find relief from stress you’ll need to change something in your life. One way is to start creating a garden.

With small effort and expense, you can create a place that brings peace and tranquillity to your life. You can create a little haven right in your own backyard! Haven that will help to restore your balance in life.

It’s easy to set up this personal garden oasis:

  • To get started, you first choose a space that’s open to sunshine so that the plants will grow well.
  • Choose plants that are suited for the climate and particular to your area. The rule for stress free gardening is to make sure that you’re planting what you want (vegetables, flowers,…). If you choose plants that you love, gardening won’t seem like work at all. Opt for ones that are easy to maintain, you don’t want anything that can cause you stress. Choose plants that won’t need constant pruning.
  • Look for hardy plants that won’t surrender easily to pest and ones that are tougher for plant diseases. Look for ones that don’t have a lot of extra needs. Yeh, cactus would fit into this, but there are plenty more for you to consider!
  • The area of your garden can determine if it will be a oasis free from stress. Large garden right from the start, and it can be easily become overwhelmed.

It’s always best to start small. Then you can adapt, and as you work in the garden, slowly add to the size of it little by little. That way, you’ll get familiarized to dealing with the new plants in small blocks rather than all at once.